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Grow Your Network & Knowledge By Joining Our Real Estate Investor Network!

Discover how you can connect with other real estate professionals that are investing in your own backyard – literally!

What To Expect

You can expect a level of inspiration and motivation that you can’t find at any other real estate group in South Jersey. We are dedicated to delivering tremendous value through networking, education and practical exercises.

Grow Your Net Worth

Join a group that promotes an abundance mindset and attracts like-minded individuals looking to grow personally and professionally. Make new connections at every live event and grow your team to accomplish your dream.

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Expand Your Knowledge

We bring in industry leaders each month to share the details of real estate investing. Every live event is jammed packed with content on current industry standards and practices allowing you to make the most informed decision in your business.

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Hands On Experience

Visit real job sites of local real estate investors. Listen and learn as they detail out their process of find and acquiring the deal, raising the capital and managing the project through its lifecycle. You’ll walk away with practical actionable items.

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- JP With REI

About Us

Discover How Our Group Can Help You Grow!

This is a place for real estate investors and industry professionals of all experience levels to share ideas, knowledge, live events and news related to real estate investing.

Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing and looking to learn, or are working on deal number one-hundred, the South Jersey Real Estate Investor Network can help you accomplish your goals all while having a ton of fun doing it.

Benefits And Features

We Share Our Network & Knowledge With You

Real Estate is a marathon, not a sprint. In order to get the highest return on investment of your time and money it’s vital to surround yourself with like-minded people that can help you achieve your goals.

We have created exactly what you need in order to get started on the right foot or take your business to the next level.



Get in depth information from industry-leading presenters.



Surround yourself with like-minded individuals with similar goals.


Property Walkthroughs

Learn how to market, acquire, rehab and sell deals while visiting projects.



Grow your net worth by increasing your network of team members.



Promote your brand and grow your customers at live events and online.


Buy and Sell Deals

Buy or sell your next deal in our exclusive group of investors

How To Get Involved

Find The Best Fit For You


Take your business to the next level and get access to the deepest discounts and the latest investor tools and industry mentors

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Elevate your brand awareness in our highly targeted network of real estate professionals. Become the household name in your industry.

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Live Events

Our live events provide an inspiring atmosphere that promotes a high level of collaboration with like-minded individuals.

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Become A Sponsor

Increase Business Exposure

Grow your business through strategic marketing and partnerships. Being a sponsor is a win-win for our entire marketspace. Offer your specific products and services directly to a targeted group of Real Estate Professionals.

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What Our Members Say About Us

Always a great time networking and picking up ninja tips on topics like branding your projects with certain accent tiling and lighting.

John Campbell

JZC Real Estate Solutions

This group takes a different approach and promotes cooperation & working together so we can all build our financial future.

Flamur Rama

AAR Renovations

It’s great talking to contractors and getting a better idea on what our numbers should be. It’s allowed me to tighten up my repair estimates.

Stephanie Clarington

Majestic Home Solutions

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